So long 2014

Let’s forget that it’s two years since I last posted here… Okay forgotten.

For me 2014 was in its sum better to me than 2013. Sadly in 2014 I lost a colleague to cancer. However it didn’t come as a shock like the two deaths in 2013 which I’ll admit did throw me for many months. I did spend the first few months of 2014 working through issues connected to one of the deaths.

I did have some good times this year. I went to Brighton and London for a few days and I also spent a week in Amsterdam. I took a lot of photographs but I really need to spend time and organise my photos rather than just storing them.

This year I completed my first OU Level 3 module and I now have a stage play and a screenplay that I hope to work on further. I am now working on my second last OU module. I hope to complete my degree in 2016.

Anyway here comes 2015… I’ll make no promises so I can’t break any!

Back once again

So it is March since I last posted here, not the longest neglect of this blog but certainly not good. My readership will be zero by now, not that it was high anyway. The main address of the blog is now

I am still plugging away at my OU course and I plan to post more writing stuff including short stories here as well as photos.

More soon,
Kev (db4dawn)

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